Monday, September 17, 2012


Stumbling out of bed one started to cross over to the source of all mornings... the kettle. Only to be shocked into wakefulness by a strange apparition... the sight of Him dressed in exercise gear.
Want to come to the gym with me?
Hell no. It's pre-mouse. There is no exercise before morning mouse or food
Oh come on it will be a great start to your day
No it won't. It's not even 6.30 am and you know... no morning mouse
He lingered in the doorway chirping away like an annoying (insert insect here... it was too early to identify the species) while bobbing around in the line of sight. All of which made one curl protectively around the mouse with narrowed eyes and a growing sense of annoyance. Seeing one was not scuttling to the door dutifully with Him he trotted off leaving one in a much better frame of mind.

Well it was until one mentally calculated how much housework, laundry and shopping had to be squeezed in over the next two days. The two miserable days that now constitute one small slave's days off. Sighing one ignored most of it in the pursuit of mouse and in fact one was still engaged in that pursuit when He came back from the gym.
When are we going to Yum Cha He enquired
Well the thought was that one would make breakfast, do some of this domestic stuff and then we could leave here about 11 am. Does that sound alright with you?

So three changes of outfits (it is amazing how a few kilos off and nothing fits the same way it did last time) and three changes of boots (OK that one was purely trying to find the right boot for the skirt and micro nets one was wearing) off we scampered for a leisurely Yum Cha lunch. With one small slave sporting some of the new underwear that had arrived courtesy of an online lingerie store and British Post.
Not a word about the colour OK?

We wended our way home via a sports shop to get Him new gloves and to replace his old squash racket for the game he has booked in for Saturday. Him and his little school chum (who also joined the gym and seemed way too keen about the bar that is being installed) are going to kill themselves at this rate...
Mind you it would mean peaceful mouse...
Peers around furtively does that make one selfish? 


ancilla_ksst said...

So, my order for the day is to find two times a week when can both go to the gym. Erg, exercise. I suggested 6:30 am Sat. as a joke (I'm a morning person, he's not) but he reasonably explained that the open swim wouldn't be available at that time, and I didn't get to hear him making ack, ack, splutter noises.

Symply Desire said...

But, it's purple!

Master's piece said...

@Simply Desire -.-

Fondles said...

ok you know purple is the colour of sex. people who have purple bedrooms have been shown in a study to have the most sex.

in my house the bedrooms all sport one purple wall. by chance. I did NOT read the findings of that study till recently.

and i LOVE purple (in private... i don't tell people this)

so here's a HIGH FIVE on the bra. it's gorgeous!

Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

Purple is one of my new favorite submissive colors.

ancilla_ksst said...

Did you notice how I didn't mention any colors or bras at all in my first comment?

(very pretty, BTW)

Master's piece said...

You lot are just encouraging one small slave's oppressor... except for you ancilla_ksst... well until that last comment at any rate :(

ancilla_ksst said...

I like red or black bras better.

Master's piece said...

@ancilla_ksst Consider yourself redeemed :)

Dina said...

I love, LOVE, LLOOVVEE this particular shade of purple!