Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Today in review

He got yanked in to work an extra shift for someone so it was a strange day. Tuesday He was in bed by 2pm... which did mean that one got to catch up on some of those domestic chores... like the hamper of gym gear. Yes there is that much of the stuff that it lives in a hamper. And it is a strange assortment of things; thongs in case one ever needs to use a shower, a bikini for the sauna (Why can't we just move past all that modesty stuff and be naked?), sports bras (Now there is some serious design in action. Even the underwires have a squishy gel bed so they don't rub (found that out when one of them ruptured... ewww)), yoga pants, tops, an assortment of t-shirts, spare laces, leather gloves, cotton gloves... You are starting to see why it is never going to fit in the miniscule wardrobe the one is allotted.

Anyway it meant that He was home at 6am and one small slave was there to greet him at the door... suitably naked of course. We had breakfast, went to the gym for a workout... According to Him the mezzanine floor offers a prime position for looking straight down one's cleavage as one lifts below. Yeah thanks for sharing that. Went home had a shower together... well one's arse and His dick had a shower together when we overlapped. Now here is a bit of trivia...

"Did you know, if you lose 35 pounds, if you’re a male, you are gaining one inch of penis length?" 
Dr. Oz

Of course it isn't really growing; more that as the fat pad leaves the supra-pubic area it reveals more of the penis. Well for the record that extra was jammed in one small slave's arse and also for the record, it could feel it.

After that He went and got prawns for lunch and then tottered off to bed. So it has been a strange weekend. And to be honest one kinda missed Him... even though the extra penis left a lasting impression L

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