Sunday, September 2, 2012


This is proof that the gods do not protect one small dragonshrew
As we were chatting over a very nice bacon breakfast the postie tooted his horn and there they were...
Beautifully wrapped and passed through customs

The second heaviest cuffs in the world... for once He chose not to go with his personal motto of go big or go home and elected to not get the 1.3kg model, settling instead for the 1kg model. Thrilled beyond belief He slapped them on and proceeded to put his cold, cold hands on any bit of warm slave flesh he could reach. He was completely undeterred by the struggles and screams of "hate you, you miserable fucking shit" that echoed throughout our tiny domicile L

And worst of all, in spite of the struggles and their weight, the cuffs left no trace at all.
For a change one can't point to bruises and cite abuse
This is not going to end well for one small dragonshrew


Arianthe said...

Those are beautiful!!!

tadass910 said...


Master's piece said...

They really are gorgeous... if heavy :D