Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our last night

It was late, but we were determined to get in one last round of decent sex... read that is when one gets to cum... preferably in comfort... before our holidays ended. How do they always end so quickly? We didn't achieve a single thing on our extensive sexual bucket list. There is a pile of toys unused, including the equine speculum... not that one was in any real rush to try that one to be honest. The bloody thing is the length of one's arm and bigger in size.

So there we are, finally collapsed in bed chatting idly. The topic of conversation was His fetish of exhibiting one small slave via this blog. Well actually the topic was His enjoyment of viewing the pictures and how they are the best kind of porn to him as they all involve a memory of the act; how it felt, smelt and sounded. It was at that point that one small slave felt obliged to inject a little reality into the conversation by commenting that it couldn't go on forever. There would come a point that one would be too old and wrinkly to be doing this stuff on a public blog.

Never, He declared. We will go on to shake the dominant paradigm of what is sexually attractive. We will show them that you can be old and still have a great sex life.
Umm... don't wanna be a pioneer. Please don't turn one into granny porn.
Ahhh... but it isn't about what you want is it He retorted. Besides it will get better. We will create holograms. Well we already can, but it will take a while for the technology to get smaller and cheaper.

By this time one was retreating from Him and his ideas... there was a slow steady creep to the other side of the bed. Unfortunately He noticed and grabbed hold of one in an inescapable hold, while simultaneously pouncing on unprotected body parts. There was a feeble squeak of protest... one that was firmly gagged by a hand squeezing a vulnerable nipple in a vice like grip.

You're supposed to be over here He said... in that tone
And with that one small slave was made to lay compliant in His arms masturbating until aroused.  Which wasn't easy given the images dancing in one's head...
Please may one have some lube?
Suck my cock was the reply
Umm... don't think that is going to be enough. Please, please...
Oh all right He said.
And really the capitulation should have warned one that things were not going to be that easy.

As one lay there propped up on bended knees He entered the arse with a slow, unrelenting precision... forcing the arse to open up to him.  He braced himself with one hand on the headboard while his other hand snaked under one's body to grab a nipple. Kneeling there one started to masturbate as He slowly fucked one in the arse. It felt so good...
And the arse started to relax and open up...
Then He gripped the nipple so one was trapped with nowhere to go and no way to get there without hurting something even more than it was already being hurt.
It was at that point... just as the orgasm was building that He picked up the pace, brutally fucking the arse with speed and ferocity.
As one cried out in pain... a pain that was overriding the orgasm... He started to cum. Thrusting deeper and deeper He came. All the while one knelt there trapped between two conflicting sources of pain that held one in place. Spent He rolled off... still hard

One lay there eyeing off the enemy, silently pleading with it to not to turn this way again
Seeing the look He chirped well I'm ready to go again if you are
Yeah have to say... sometimes it is better to fly under the Master radar. Not to mention much, much safer L


ancilla_ksst said...

Will it help if I have sympathy? Although I really think his love of your pictures is sooo sweet.

Fondles said...

it's romantic that he'd rather look at your porn than other porn.