Wednesday, September 12, 2012


In our kitchen there are large tiles that are fine... unless moisture should happen to land on them and then it is every skater for themselves. Now why is one boring you with this little bit of trivia you may be wondering. Ahhh well we are about to get to that...
Coming out of the study one slipped and fell, landing heavily on the knee and managing to bang up both a finger and a toe. It was a heavy fall... it damn well caused a shriek of pain and quite a few tears.

Are you all right? He asked from the other room
No! For fucks sake who can't tell the difference between a shriek of frustration caused by blogger and a shriek of pain?
He came out to inspect the damage. How badly is it hurt? He asked solicitously
Bad! What, the tears weren't a clue?
Where does it hurt?
The knee hurts... the toe is fucking killing though. Why is it that all the pain receptors in one's body seem to be concentrated in the toes? What sick and twisted bit of design was that?
This is all my fault He said

Blinking in shock... in fifteen years those words have never come out of His mouth... in fact "wasn't me" is a stock standard phrase when confronted with any type of bruises. Well yes it is, one retorted pithily. That water was from when you stood there dripping all over the floor after your shower. If only we had followed the 128 rules
Oh I don't mean that He replied airily. I meant this is all my fault because I had plans for your body... bound on your knees. Guess that is out of the question now. He looked mournful... rather like a child who has just lost an ice cream... before brightening at new prospects.

What sort of a man stands there over your bruised and banged up body considering better sexual positions? That was the question one asked oneself while hobbling back to the chair in the study.

In fact that was still being contemplated later when the phone rang...
Don't hang up, said a desperate sounding voice. I know you're there... you answered the phone. Look I know it's your last day of holidays, but I was hoping you could come into work.
Fucking cursed! It's the only possible answer L


Storm said...

From an outside point of view, it must be quite interesting how our injuries are their inconveniences...

ancilla_ksst said...

"If only we had followed the 128 rules. "

LOL probably the only time anyone has ever said THAT!

Master's piece said...

Well if He had been licked dry this whole thing wouldn't have happened :)

Storm said...

So what you're saying, is that it's really all your fault?

Master's piece said...

Of course not lil. It's totally His fault for not choosing to follow those rules... a slave is only as good as their master's lead.
OK gonna stop now before this ends one up in a world of shit :(

ancilla_ksst said...

Yeah, but if he'd been licked dry he'd be covered in spit and have to take another shower... the cycle that never ends.