Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pain without pleasure

Yesterday was spent running through the gym programme because there is always something new, a different way of doing something old and the Personal Trainer (PT) at the gym was very... thorough. You know one has this little theory that if reincarnation exists, then we don't come back from being someone exotic, like Cleopatra or Napoleon, to being someone quite normal this time around. No, what one thinks happens is that we come back as more of what we were last time around. In some past life PTs were members, very active members, of some little inquisition.

The upshot of the run through was that one small slave did the equivalent of three days worth of programmes in an hour. Today the body called foul. Actually it called far worse than that... and the PT might have been called a few things as well. First off the shoulders registered their complaints... which were quite numerous. Those one was expecting. Upper body strength is not really one's forte.

Then the pecs went... have you any idea how essential they are for everything?  Next the biceps went out in sympathy all but rendering one immobilised... except that housework still needed to be done. The thighs weren't happy, but then squats and lunges don't make anyone happy... well except for Him. He loves one small slave up in the jockey position L

And just when one thought that all the votes were in, the triceps added their formal protest late in the afternoon. Oh and there is a bruise on the shin the size of a teacup... not sure how that happened, but one suspects that it is related to the gym in some way. So yes... pain. Lots of pain and none of it inflicted by Him.
Not that the above statement should be read in any way as a complaint, hint, ideas board or a cry for help in some sick and twisted universe.

Oh and we did manage to squeeze in some very mutually satisfying sex while the roast lamb was cooking. There were several orgasms all round. And so long as one didn't try to do anything that involved movement... on a large scale... it was all kinds of awesome J


Molded By Him said...

Yeeeoouch! So who was the crazy one? The PT for asking you to do it? Or poor tiny rabbit for actually doing it? Run little rabbit, RUN

Master's piece said...

Oh time is money... it was a big programme and there was only an hour sooo...
Besides you don't really need to be able to roll over without screaming do you? :D