Sunday, September 16, 2012

The human fleshlight

On Fet one often sees sneering comments about sexual slavery as though it was somehow not a valid type of service. It's not surprising as most people associate sex with some pleasant, mutually fulfilling act... provided it's done right. Now we have a great sex life and considering we have been together 15 years one is always grateful that we still have sex at all. So many couples drift into a sort of sexless companionship mode after that length of time. It's not always by choice, but more circumstances conspiring against them and often they don't know how to reconnect as sexual beings. Hell sometimes the desire to do so just isn't there.

We are not those people. No sex makes us edgy and disconnected because it is how we communicate. If for some reason we start spiralling along the edge of the no sex vortex one of us soon pipes up and says something. Other times one is just pointed to the bedroom and used like a convenient orifice. Enjoyment is not necessary for both of us... in fact it is more of a luxury at times.   

Tonight was one of those times...
Called to the bedroom from important things like catching up on housework... a notoriously hard thing to do with a partner on night shift... He requested (do you like that word?) a hole to cum in. 
Which one would you prefer?
Either will do, but you know which one I prefer was His reply.
That might be difficult with the knee... you should see the bruise from the other day
Well in that case you will just have to be on your back... something that makes anal very painful
Hate you one muttered, stalking out of the room
You are going to get the lube aren't you He asked, in that tone
Yes... it was a slightly resigned, defeated, mumbled affirmation, but still a yes.

Coming back into the room one applied lube and got onto the knees very gingerly. He slid in gently, forcing the arse to open up. After a few gentle thrusts He proceeded to fuck it without a thought in the world other than his pleasure. No squeak of protest or pain deterred Him from his path as he held one firmly in place, rocking one back and forth along the length of his cock. Faster and faster went the pace until with a grunt He came.
Thank you Master, one said in a dutiful tone as He disengaged leaving cum firmly deposited deep in one's arse...
And feeling for all the world like one had been used like a human fleshlight.

See sex isn't always a mutually fulfilling thing at all. There aren't always rainbows and birds chirping or stars and rocket explosions. Sometimes it is simply being used for someone else's sexual gratification. And if that isn't a service one doesn't know what is.

Where the whole slave thing comes in is mentally adjusting to being used in this way... some times for days at a stretch... without becoming resentful or hostile to Him. It makes one feel used and violated on a very fundamental level and one small slave adjusts. Why you may be wondering? Well one adjusts because this is part of how we communicate. We are not in an equal relationship, however much He may adore one small slave.

So to those who sit and sneer at sex as a form of service one has only this to say...
You're doing it wrong J


ancilla_ksst said...

I love this post. I have to admit that I used to think I didn't like sex that much. Turned out I just didn't like non-forced, non-violent sex that I could turn down with a word very much. My path to mutual enjoyment is feeling like a used thing.

Arron said...

What would happen if one small slave did not say Thank you Master?

Master's piece said...

@Arron LOL Well being well brought up it just doesn't occur. Besides even one small slave isn't going to play poke the bear... when He is that close at any rate :D