Thursday, September 20, 2012

Clear as mud

Do you think we are hardcore He asks, wandering out of the study.

Us? Oh we are complete pussycats. Now Scott and kaya are hard core. We will never be like them... there was a small prayer of thanks after that statement... no offense guys J Mind you, we are regarded as hardcore, dangerous fringe dwellers by many in the BDSM community, not only because you cross over lines of consent all the time, but because we have nothing to do with them. We live our lives without some little oversight committee breathing down our necks the loving embrace of a community. Ergo we must be dangerous while Scott and kaya's relationship is conducted in plain view, making them regarded with far less suspicion... though probably a lot more fear J
Meh guess it depends entirely on who is looking at us. Why do you ask?

Oh I was just looking at the handkerchief code and it is black for hard core BDSM and grey for soft He replied.

You know one has often commented that truth may be the first thing people ask for, but is often the last thing they want to hear. This was one of those times. What on earth was He doing or for that matter reading? Sometimes it is better to not ask. Unfortunately that solution focused brain had already skipped off with the question...
Perhaps one of each would be the solution... oh wait...
There was this fabulous invention called talking... oh wait...
We have all seen how that goes
Meh stay at home without the benefit of hankies it is J


lil said...

Dangerous fringe dweller!
This is why your rep never calls you back when you wave your purple flag.

ancilla_ksst said...

I'm pretty sure it is wave a white hankie for a surrender.

Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

There's a hankerchief code?

Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

Um, I came back to say that there should be a major warning on that link behind the word "them"... Major. Warning. I am a wimp.

Master's piece said...

As for that hanky thing; if the word 'no' said firmly doesn't work one can't imagine being let up to go and find a white one, let alone that adorning oneself in an assortment of colours is going to help. Mind you He might get hopeful of some sort of impending floor show ;)

@Kitty Well one did use the word fear...
Seriously if you have some time the history of the hanky code is both interesting and colourful :)

ancilla_ksst said...

I did a little search. So here's how you can signal to your M-type what you are up for each day. LOL

Black: Paingames, Whipping
Dark Blue: Fucking
Light Blue: Oral Sex
Brown: Shit
Grey: Bondage
Olive or Khaki: Military Scenes
Light Pink: Arse Toys
Dark Pink: Nipple Torture
Red: Fisting
White: Wanking
Yellow: Piss
Purple: Piercings
Mustard: Big Cock
Green: Rent
Lavender: Drag, Cross Dressing
Orange: Anything Anytime (L) or Nothing Now (R)
Beige: Rimming
Charcoal: Rubber
Red and White Stripes: Shaving

Or maybe he carries the hankie as a warning for what you are in for.
I love how orange can mean either nothing or everything anytime.
Since it is the internet, there is no guarantee that any of these codes are the real ones and not just pulled out of someone's ass. So to speak.

Master's piece said...

@ancilla_ksst LOL at this rate one of us is going to look like Joseph in the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat... without the brown or khaki or purple... on any given day ;)

academicsub said...

Hehehehehe, finally he has a preference for red over purple huh? You should point this out to him. *And then take pics of the aftermath.*

Master's piece said...

Peers at academicsub while muttering bitch under the breath :)