Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas baubles

A few weeks back the first of the Christmas decorations appeared in the shops. It caused an inward groan that was probably echoed all over Australia. Honestly they start it way before people are emotionally ready for the onslaught. The city was no different, but add to that store Santa's waving at you cheerily... it just feels sad and desperate. And make no mistake the retailers are desperate.

Clothing is one of those things that are getting harder and harder to unload in the computer age. The sales have started already and there were racks of unattractive spring clothes trying to vie for your dollar. No mean feat when the weather outside has cranked up to the predicted 35C (95F). Some of the worst offenders are the big department stores and one does have to wonder who is running some of the departments at times.

In one well known chain they are still trying to sell what are obsolete games, to the tune of almost three years, for the original price. And these are the people who have just moved to the online world in the hope of staying viable. They don't stand a chance unless the government steps in and starts charging import duties on all goods coming into the country. It will be the only thing that saves their arses in the end.

Even the rather fabulous Christmas angel in the end of the mall had an almost ghostly, skeletal aspect to it that one couldn't help but think was symbolic. And not necessarily of peace and good will to all man. 


ancilla_ksst said...

I have nominated you for one of my favorite blogs. Feel free to ignore or participate.

Turfdawg82 said...

I too am already on the Bah Humbug bandwagon!! It wouldn't be so bad but the mechanic at work has been playing Christmas songs on the radio non stop for the past 2 weeks! This started in October for Christ sakes!!

Master's piece said...

@Turfdawg82 Oh that has to be cruel and unusual punishment. That or creating a hostile work place at the very least :(