Saturday, November 24, 2012

More Christmas cheer

OFFS if your child is sobbing his heart out because he doesn't want to sit on Santa's knee, why are you kneeling there trying to coerce him into it. It's just saved you a small fortune in family photos. Rejoice! Take some of that money, buy him a damned ice-cream and move on. There's always next year.
And hopefully it won't be in our shop doorway that he does his repeat performance.

Fuck Santa, his sleigh and his bloody elves... along with the singer who keeps missing that key... in every fucking chorus of that song L


ancilla_ksst said...

Mall Santa is scary. I don't get why people do that.

c said...

One thing we don't miss not having over here. There's no mall Santas in Sweden. But then again, we have a Santa coming over in person during Christmas Eve dinner and delivering presents from a big burlap sack.

The pro is that the scary old man with the big beard brings gifts, the con is that the scary old man with the big beard comes in to the kids actual home and wont leave for a little while.

Oh, and of course that one family member has to go out and "buy a newspaper", put on a silly costume and pretend not everybody knows it's him/her that has dressed up as Santa... The older kids usually ruins this part by yelling "That's not Santa! That's uncle Berndt/aunt Cissi" and so on. A fine Swedish Christmas tradition...

Turfdawg82 said...

In my last post I said I have hopped on the bah-humbug bandwagon. I am now adjusting this by saying I have taken over the bah-humbug bandwagon and I am now proceeding to mow down and overly cheery Christmasy types with extreme prejudice!!!

Master's piece said...

@ancilla_ksst To be honest one isn't sure why people do a lot of things

@c LOL it is a fine and frankly very funny tradition... far more pleasant than a mall Santa

@Turfdawg82 Vaults neatly into the passenger seat beside you... screaming sic em Rex