Thursday, November 22, 2012

Unsolicited male

One of the fabulous features of Fet is the inbox. Now many people whine incessantly about the things they receive in them, but personally one finds them a never ending source of entertainment. The contents fall roughly into three categories. Though there is a sub category in that the first two are generally not happy.

There are those who have enquiries about the contents of the blog... quite often things that they are personally less than enthusiastic about. Unfortunately for them they have been directed to make enquiries about the item at the behest of the person in charge. You know there is a reason that many here do not share this blog with their owners... smiles sweetly J

Then there are people making enquiries about the group. That is to say enquiring about why we were mean to them. They are a minority group. Usually they prefer to complain to MT. Don't know why though, but then again she can make fuck off sound terribly cerebral J

This brings us to the last group; the unsolicited male. They are by far the most entertaining. Why just the other day there was a "you are such a cutie" message. That was the entire message in case you are wondering.

It was so sweet. And he actually used whole words... mind you he was a little older. Though judging by the fact he was a member almost exclusively of BBW groups one couldn't help but feel that his admiration was a little misplaced... or at least misled. There are a couple of pics up that do make one look a little... Rubenesque. Eyes the photographer balefully...

The other oddity is the young master or domling as one likes to think of them affectionately. For some reason one does seem to attract the 19-23 year old. The one's who almost exclusively use textspeak... and want to give one a new home.  It's the breasts isn't it? They trigger all their mummy issues. That or it's that damned arse again..


Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

It is the ass. :)

lil said...

Aww, domlings...That is so cute. I almost want one of my very own.

ancilla_ksst said...

U R such a QT