Saturday, November 10, 2012

Language barriers

It was something of a surprise when He stumbled out of the cave, formerly known as the bedroom, shortly after one arrived home. It was an even bigger surprise when He voluntarily came along to the gym after dinner. What happened afterwards wasn't such a surprise though...
We were in the shower after all

There had just been a conversation that had ended with Him calmly pointing out that one was free... free to be used as He saw fit, free to be used whenever He wanted... Let's just say that particular conversation had not gone one small slave's way shall we?
In fact it might have been the failure of that conversation that led to an inquiry as to whether one small slave's opinion on the matter meant anything.  At the time one was pressed up against some tiles in the shower... which for a change felt fabulously cool against the skin... still burning after the workout.
Of course it means something, He replied
It was the tone that made one dig a little deeper... what does it mean...precisely?
Nothing at all... nothing is still something though, He growled reassuringly in one's ear.

It was shortly after that comment that one found oneself jammed in the corner of the shower being used for His sexual relief. As one was pinned in place, his cock sliding in and out of one's arse, He conversationally inquired if one has missed him. It was on the tip of the tongue to ask if it mattered, but it seemed a silly time to broach the subject. Hey that survival instinct isn't completely dead

You know one is starting to suspect that words really do mean whatever you want them to mean... if you are the one in charge L


ancilla_ksst said...

I think you are right, but would you choose to have it differently.

"Oh, sorry honey, you didn't want ass sex? well, I'll just go watch tv."

You know that would suck.

Master's piece said...

LOL you and your perfect logic :P

ancilla_ksst said...

Just trying to be helpful.