Monday, November 5, 2012

Helmet head

In amongst an order was this glass plug and just in case you are wondering how safe glass is for your arse? While getting it out of the box it slipped free, hitting the bench on the way down. The plug is fine, but the bench has a chip out of it. So unless you are taking a sledge hammer to the damn thing while inserted one would have to say that glass is pretty safe.
The implement:
  • Made from glass
  • This is the extra large and measures 12 cm (5") long
  • It is about 14.5 cm (5 3/4") around
  • The base is 4.5 cm (just under 2") wide
  • Comes in clear or black

The pros:
  • Smooth shape for easy insertion
  • Wide base and narrow neck so it stays in place
  • Could be used for longer term wear
  • Easy to clean as they can be put in a dishwasher
  • Not so big that it is uncomfortable when in place 

The cons:
  • That helmet head shape has quite a defined ridge and unlike a penis it doesn't flex so removal is a bit more painful than insertion

All of that aside if you are looking for a plug that is somewhere between a bit too small and OMFG is that going to fit then this might be for you. It was very comfortable when in... though He seemed to experience some difficulty squeezing his way into the other available hole when taking advantage of one small slave... but the base is a bit wider than one prefers for very long term wear or walking around. It is a handy little plug though and would make a nice addition to a toy box J

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