Monday, November 12, 2012

It's the simple things

Today we scampered out to buy a pirate ship... for His war game. Of course it took three shopping centres to find anyone who had stock. He graciously left one for an hour at the second destination, while one small slave looked for the perfect shoe to go with the 50's inspired dresses that have ended up in the wardrobe. May one just add that finding the right shoe is harder than you think. It's rather like finding the perfect mate. The more things that are on the criteria list, the smaller the choice pool becomes.

Eight shoe shops later one did find them. Of course one also found several that didn't fit the criteria that one would have loved including these. Sighs really one is going to have to start shopping online for shoes. The selection in the stores this season is miserable... not to mention the colours are vile. Honestly some people do not look good in coral or pink and they hurt the eyes L

The other problem was shopping alone... it's a very rare thing. Normally He is there to give an opinion or at least approve. It was rather like shopping blind. Whenever one looked at a shoe that little voice was going, yes, but will He like them. Which wouldn't be such a problem if it weren't for the fact that one isn't allowed to buy Him clothes 'cos he hates one small slave's choices. The whole process ended up with more dithering than decisions.

Mind you watching Him shop for himself is just painful. Apart from His personal criteria that one has only a hazy understanding of... which may account for why one is banned from purchasing him clothes... some of his methods are more trial and error than necessary. Take belt buying or rather belt looking. He is at the stage where he needs new ones... there is no more room on his to get another hole punched. Now bear in mind no one is going to see these belts... in this climate any sane person wears their t-shirts untucked...

First off they have to be the right width... fair enough... belt loops... get that
Then they have to be the right shade of brown... OK
Next they have to look good and have a good buckle... losing any sense of perspective now
Then they have to be supple... small perk of interest
Can they be doubled over... small twitch of concern now
Will they be capable of delivering a wallop if necessary... yeah moving away right about now

Sighs shopping is a very fraught process for one small slave L


ancilla_ksst said...

LOL at your Owner's belt shopping techniques. We just have one special belt, which is getting very frayed at the end. Then he's got his every day belt for wearing and his new good belt, which he doesn't want to wear out on me.

Nice shoes! I especially like the first link, the ones you got.

Master's piece said...

They are surprisingly comfortable which was important... when you get to scamper after a tall person things like that become a big consideration. A shame really 'cos the daisy shoes looked hot on... they gave the leg a lovely line :(