Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shopping rituals

Usually when we shop one small slave trails along about a pace behind... carrying all the baggage. That is not how things are done here. In this country the women stream ahead of the men who are loaded up like mules... and looking almost as thrilled as one to be there performing the service might one add.  Here it is normal to hand large packages to the man... to the point that one has had to stage an intervention to prevent such a hand over. 

He of course smiles sweetly and says if she can't carry it, she can't have it. A response that usually garners a twitter of laughter, right before they realise He isn't joking. It's got Him a look more than once in the past. A look might one add, that He is completely immune to.

The thing is though... peers around furtively and whispers... it's safer trailing along behind. See when one is in front for any reason His hands reach out and do annoying things. One small slave is goosed, skirts end up in the crack of one's arse, hems are lifted up... the list is long and varied. But none of them are as annoying as the double hand clap on the shoulders. From His height they have time to build up momentum before they land L

No it is far safer scampering along in His wake. Perhaps one needs a t-shirt to that effect...
It's safer in the back
Behind is where you want to be
Hmm... maybe not J


themonkeysjourney said...

"It's safer in back. Behind is where you want to be"

At times, piece, you do seemed determined to be hoist upon your own petard.

ancilla_ksst said...

Don't worry, I constantly do the same thing. And the worst part is, I don't mean to, things just come out that way. Of course, the other explanation is that they are looking for any excuse or none at all if there isn't one handy.