Monday, November 26, 2012

Damn and botheration

The baby sister rang today... yes there is one member of the family that one likes other than her mother (one's second stepmother)... with bad news. It seems our father is dying. They operated on a bleeding ulcer, the worst the surgeon has ever seen and was more than a little surprised that father actually survived, to find cancer while they were in there. We are waiting for the biopsy to come back, but it is unlikely to be good news.

Now personally one received the news with more annoyance than sadness. The baby sister is quite devastated enough for the both of us... they are very close unlike us. He was a great dad to her and actually there for the process, whereas one didn't see him from seven to sixteen... even though he only lived about 20 minutes away and Auntie was pro father and completely anti mother. Not that one entirely blames him... mother was... scary and besides, he was on his second family. It's why they got divorced... she found out.
Ah family... special, special people J

Anyway there is plenty to be aggravated about when you live in a different country from your family... a choice one made quite happily for a lot of reasons... the fact that one is not fond of most of them being the main one... and one of them is dying.
There is a general annoyance at the fact that yet another branch of that family has fallen off due to cancer... this does not bode well for one's future...
And there is the added annoyance that one will probably have to go back home. Right before Christmas which will not make work thrilled and at a time when travel is starting to get expensive... sighs
And it will be fucking freezing... they might call it summer, but they lie and/ or are delusional
And one doesn't have so much as a jumper anymore and one pair of jeans isn't going to cut a week
Crap this means one will have to go out and buy clothes as well as plane tickets
And one has no idea where one will stay or how one will get around
There aren't any direct flights so one will have to come in via Wellington... which is one of the worst airports in the world to land in... and one has become something of a white knuckle flyer over the years
And He won't be able to come

That one is a real problem... we don't do too well with the separation thing at all. In fact we tried it once and vowed it was a miserable time for both of us and wouldn't be done again. And that time we had ways of staying in contact... this time there won't be any way to do that
This is not a good day at all...
Mind you it's probably not too great for father either L


lil said...

Meh. You've never struck me as the touchy-feely type (voluntarily anyways), but hugs anyways.
No matter how we feel about them, family is not easy.
And separation is just a bitch no matter what light you put it in.

Hang in there. As lamely cliche as it sounds, this too shall pass.

ancilla_ksst said...

I'm sorry to hear that, all of it. :(

faithful said...

Not a good day at all.

The Holidays are tough enough.

Just sending hugs and then more hugs.


Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

Better to go to a bedside than a funeral. I sympathize with all of these plights, having faced them myself a month ago, but in the end, I was glad I went.

Master's piece said...

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and the hugs :)

c said...

We don't do the separation thing well either. My thoughts go out to you!