Sunday, November 4, 2012


Is the bad taste Christmas present still only $10 He asked as we were leaving the supermarket
Yes it is...

See the bad taste Charismas present started many moons ago and frankly most participants admit it is the only one that they actually enjoy shopping for. It has to be tasteless and practical and it has to cost less than $10. The person who comes up with the best one is acknowledged as the winner. And it is a huge matter of pride to get the title.

His mother is still the grand champion after getting him a book mark one year that was a series of gold coloured plates, linked together, each inscribed with a part of The Lord's Prayer. Its gold colour was not what made it tasteless... though it was indeed just that. No it was giving it to an atheist that cinched the deal. Add to that the fact that the plates were curved to look like pages from a book, which rendered it completely useless as a book mark because it wrinkled the book and cracked the spine...
It was a winner on so many levels.

Damn He exclaimed
Well look at that... read the line at the bottom... and the instructions are pretty accurate too

The dragon is not amused L


ancilla_ksst said...

Hilarious on several levels!

BTW, my kids would have loved that toy.

Anonymous said...

BWahahahahahahaha!!! You provide me with no end of amusement. Thank you.