Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dream a little dream

You know He said conversationally, one of the things I really want to do when the weight is gone is go to a water park. I haven't been since I was a child
So why do you have to lose weight? You're going to be wearing a t-shirt anyway
Yes, but it will be a wet t-shirt He replied, as though that explained everything
Seeing the blank look He sighed and said they cling... in that patient tone people usually reserve for those they perceive to be a bit slow
See we have different body issues... nudity and being exposed like that doesn't worry one at all... photos on the other hand... L Whereas His issue... clinging things make him all kinds of neurotic.

Personally one looks at this and thinks it's like going to the beach... no matter how bad you may feel in your cossie, someone else is always going to look worse. Besides it's a water park... people are too busy trying to drown each other or prevent it happening to someone to care what people look like. Still it's good to have dreams and ambitions when you are on the weight loss wagon.
Then the thought was...

Wait one small slave will be made to go as well
And it's a park... with water... nasty, wet, splashy stuff... and slides
And it's full of screaming children
And screaming parents
And it's bright and sunny
And hot... revoltingly hot
And the air will be redolent with the smell of tanning products and other peoples' BBQ's
And one will have to go out and buy a swimming costume
And there are body parts that literally glow in the dark they are so white... they're going to fry like the sausages on the BBQ... right after they have blinded someone

Oh bad dream! Bad dream!
Is it wrong to squash the dreams of others? After all one must protect the property... Fet said so J


ancilla_ksst said...

And slaves should have all the hard limits they can grab. Just tell your owner Fet says he can't go smashing around through the hard limit tape. (ducks)

Kitty the Submissive Wife said...

LOL - you could use sunscreen. Can't you?

Master's piece said...

@ancilla_ksst You're just trying to toss one under the bus aren't you -.-

Oh Kitty they don't make sunscreen strong enough for the sun out here. Avoidance is the only safe route... that and never going to places like water parks or beaches or rivers or canals or swimming holes... Hmmm there seems to be something of a common theme here