Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Squash sucks

He is of the opinion that squash is a good workout. Normally He and his little school chum can be found banging a ball around on a Saturday morning, however this week his friend was away. So one small slave got to be stand in... or moving target... at times it was a little hard to tell them apart.

Now as the day nears a close one has these observations to share...
The game of squash actually requires more talent than one will ever possess
It needs a level of hand eye coordination that one simply does not have
You need to be fit... hell you need to be more than fit... to play it
After an hour of futilely chasing that stupid rubber ball around a room... usually to little avail... there is not one single body part that doesn't hurt. Actually the serving arm is kinda numb from the elbow down.

Of course His helpful suggestion was to masturbate and pretend it was someone else doing it. As one pointed out the answer to all problems is not sex. To which He replied it should be L
Mind you as it turns out one may just try it out...
It's 9 pm and He has gone to bed pleading exhaustion... actually one found him on the couch, curled up in a foetal position sound asleep

If sports really are about the last man standing then...
Slave 1 Master 0


Fondles said...

squash is evil. i never picked it up. my first experience with it is clear in my mind - sister served the ball. I backed up into a corner and held the racquet in front of me, squatting, eyes closed.

squash is evil.

Master's piece said...

Oh assuming a defensive posture behind the racket... must remember that for next time :)