Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's that time again

The Liebster Awards are doing the rounds again... it is that time it would seem. How do people seem to know when it is time for them? Seriously is there some bloggers calendar that one small slave is completely unaware of out there? One marked up with special dates that we bloggers need to remember... 'cos if so one would love a link.

Firstly one would like to thank ancilla_ksst for the nomination. It is appreciated... you can all just feel a big, fat but coming can't you... 'cos there is one. See this award means that you are supposed to share 11 random things about yourself, answer the 11 questions that your nominator has asked and recommend 11 other blogs. Now, one has no trouble with the first part... any reader here can attest to one's capacity to twitter along like a canary in a cage. The second part isn't the issue either. No the real issue is the nomination part.

See the blog roll to the right are most of the people one follows and as you can see many of them are inert due to life changes. Even some of the big, older ones are suffering from this malaise. The list of blogs one follows is suffering from the same problem... with an added complication in that now when someone closes their blog to the public, or shuts it down you are stuck on their followers list with no way of getting off it.

Since the last Blogger upgrade you can't just get off a list from your end... you have to go to theirs. It means there is no way to update the list to reflect who you are following any more. People are following links to things that don't exist.  And yes it is one of those little housekeeping issues that is driving one quietly insane... if you hadn't guessed that by now J

Anyway getting back to the Leibster Award and the poor little blog roll...
One of the great things about the Leibster Award is that it generates some traffic for those little corners of the blogosphere that might otherwise be overlooked and with that in mind one is going to do this a little differently than was intended.
What one would like you the reader to do is nominate one of your favourite BDSM blogs, in the comments section, so that one small slave and the other readers can go and have a look and see what is out there in the hopes of finding some new blogs to follow.
Also if you have any questions that you've always wanted to ask... no matter how silly... this is your chance to ask them J


ancilla_ksst said...

I already nominated my favorites, so I'll jump straight to the question.

How did you and your Master meet? How was the courtship conducted? How long before you were his?

Ok that is three questions, sorry.

Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

I like ancilla's question's. You can take those you follow off the blog list, but managing who you follow is difficult.

To remove from the blog list go to the layout and edit that box, then in the list, hit remove.

To unfollow people - I can't find that one now - I cleared a bunch off in August and it worked then. I will poke around.

Yes, that is a housekeeping issue that drives me insane as well.

Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

Ha! I found it. In the blogger dashboard across from the words Reading List, it says "View in Google Reader". Next to it there is a gear icon. Click on that icon. That will bring up all your blogs. Pick one that you want to unfollow and click on settings. It will then either:
A. Go to a screen that says Settings for (blog name) and have a link that says "Stop Following Site". Click that link to unfollow.

B. Look like it is asking you to sign in again to some kind of google friend connect or what have you. Click on sign in using your google account and reenter your blogger password. Then you will be back at the list of bloggers, you will hit settings again and then it will go to A. above.

And you can unfollow one at a time. Painfully.

But if you want to unfollow me, just let me know and after I am done crying uncontrollably, I will be happy to take you off. :)

Master's piece said...

Our beginning was long and sordid... are you sure that is what you want to hear?

Thank you for that Kitty... honestly one had been all over the net trying to find the answer to that question. And no one had no intention of dumping your little blog... it is a very enjoyable read :D

Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

I want to hear it - and in all that giving directions I forgot to tell you that I LOL'd at the calendar - yes, who has that calendar.

And why 11? Why not 200? Or more reasonably, 3?

I hope it worked for you.

lil said...

I have questions! I know I do...Now if I could just think of one...

c said...
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c said...

I nominate a favourite:
Not extremely active, but still alive and fun to read.

Conina said...

I think 3-5 is a much more reasonable number too - the first one I got was like, 15, and at the time I didn't even READ 15

Anyway, I was going to post the instructions for unfollowing... but Kitty beat me to it, and I like ancilla's questions too.

I like
Though she updates not so frequently.

And I like Lily.

ancilla_ksst said...

I always enjoy a good sordid tale. The more sordid the better. That's why I'm still in all those kooky Fet groups.