Friday, June 28, 2013

Conflicts of interest

Currently there is a bit of a hunt going on for some dresses. A hunt that He is aiding with his particular brand of help... which as many readers will know doesn't always help one small slave at all. He left a very sexy dress up on the screen for one to find on arriving home...
Did you like the dress He asked
Oh it was lovely. Just a little unsure where one would wear it... electric blue satin minis aren't exactly appropriate for grocery shopping
Why not He said, sounding surprised
Umm... well it doesn't offer any protection from the cold nor does it cover one's arse... well it does, it just doesn't cover it when bending or reaching for anything
Whispers you know sometimes one suspects He doesn't quite understand the point of clothes at all


Malcolm said...

fun as usual, small slave.

Neale Wolfson said...

OK not posted to you before, but I would suspect clothing on you has a few purposes

1) Allowing you to go out and not being arrested

2) To show you off to his own viewing pleasure

3) Perhaps to tease the rest of us?

What do I know? :)

Master's piece said...

And stopping your arse freezing off in the cold section... don't forget the important one :D