Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Well that's over

It was an incredibly late night (early morning) as it turned out... though one of us had the sense to go to sleep when they crawled between the sheets. It was followed up by a relatively early hairdressing appointment with the hairdresser in her new abode. Unfortunately she is also working with a new range of hair products... which was where things went a little wrong. The hair that should have been a copper red with chocolate is now mostly copper red with a rather bright shade of marigold.

Oh it looks fabulous. It just wasn't quite what we were aiming for. To add insult to injury the hair product has left the hair limp and greasy so it will have to be washed. Ah well such are the vagaries of hair... well this hair at any rate. It might not be able to knot and one might not own any hair taming products, actually there isn't so much as a hair brush, but it can be difficult in other ways L

On the bright side there was some very good sex followed by an early night. So the day wasn't a complete fizzer J

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