Saturday, June 15, 2013

The reprieve

He emerged from the cave of darkness (formally known as the bedroom) to find one small slave lying supine on the lounge. An eyebrow raised on His sleep rumpled face forming a question...
Umm... you know that disc? Well as they say euphemistically... it's slipped... again
Ahh... was His monosyllabic reply. I assume you did not go to the gym... there was doubt in His voice. He knows one small slave rather too well sometimes.

Er... no. Actually this happened at work on Friday reaching over to pick up an empty basket. On the upright swing one zigged while the back zagged.
Well I don't expect to find you waiting for me in the morning. Stay in the chair or bed if it feels better.
Actually they are right it is better to keep moving so one might go to the gym for a walk or a run...
He looked at one rather the same way you do when a crazy person pronounces that they are some member of royalty
And for the record one could get down to kneel. It's just that the getting back up is the problem

He glowered from under his lashes and said...
Don't think that I haven't noticed that your back goes out at the most convenient of times. I get a cage, it goes out. The last time it did this I'd just receive the stockade. I'm starting to detect a very disturbing pattern here.

Where's the trust? All these years and it's still absent. Besides one had plans of cleaning out the hall cupboard (otherwise known as the place of all lost things)... with His help. He should be grateful L


ancilla_ksst said...

You know, stress and worry can put your back out. I have had mine go out for no reason all the day before Master went on a big trip, more than once.

Master's piece said...

So... this is all His fault... hmmm Eyes Him thoughtfully

ancilla_ksst said...

Absolutely. With great power comes great... blah blah blah and so on.