Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Contrasting highlights

The day started with snuggles and a snooze in His arms. It was followed by half asleep and half awake sex. It's that wonderful state when things aren't quite real and the head sort of stays out of the way while the body takes over. Mind you His hip bones felt very real as did other parts of his anatomy.

The snuggle and snooze is a very rare thing though 'cos He normally trends towards too damn hot to be near for any length of time... not to mention too dangerous. Since losing all that fat though He has become one of the frog people... cold all the time.
OMG! It wasn't affection at all...
He was just using one like a human hot water bottle

Anyway the morning ended with being sick as a dog and a round trip from home to work and back to home.
Such are the vagaries of life L


Sarah said...

Sick again???
Hope you get better soon.

Master's piece said...

LOL no it was more of a 24 hour type thing. Unfortunately in the industry one works in you get exposed to sick people... some of it sticks :(