Monday, June 10, 2013

Screw the roses

Well here it is, as promised, a picture of the early birthday present. Actually He might have gone a little crazy as he bought the set; there is a necklace and ear cuff as well. He has a strange habit of buying one small slave necklaces. It's strange 'cos He rarely grants permission for the collar to come off. Shrugs such is the whimsy of Masters.

Any way the piece is called Passion and was made by Alchemy 77. If you have never visited their site you might like to take a couple of minutes to snoop around if you taste runs to the Gothic. They do some fabulous pieces and they do post worldwide. 
Happy perusing J


ancilla_ksst said...

Wow, beautiful! I have a whole box of necklaces I don't wear too.

Anonymous said...

That is very pretty... but it looks like it could be quite unpleasant to be inserted anally.

Yearning Letgo said...

Very, very pretty.

I tried to go to their website, but it looks like it is having issues :(

Master's piece said...

@Yearning Letgo Changed the link it should work now :)