Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dreamscapes for 1000

Though one of us tried valiantly to exit the bed this morning He had other ideas. In fact He seemed to take the frantic wriggling as some sort of indicator of interest. That is the only explanation as to why He held one against him firmly as he slid into a cunt still wet from the night before. Well that and the fact that slim legs and a diminished arse offer no protection from such things.
And they say reducing your weight is good for your health L

Think of me He said cheerily, as he dropped one off at the mine (otherwise known as work). Of course being ever obedient one did... it just probably wasn't the thoughts He had in mind. 'Cos as one was meandering around at work, desperately trying to look busy... school holidays are always quiet... the conversation from last night resurfaced. We rarely chat after sex... mainly 'cos one small slave tends towards rolling over and going to sleep. Last night though we had one of those disturbing conversations that the memory tucked away... for safety self protection

The conversation started innocently as one expressed a desire to get the belly button piercing that had got put off in hurly burly of life
Really was His monosyllabic reply... a word laced with disbelief
Well you won't let one get the nipple piercings that one has always fancied
I wouldn't be able to do this He said, reaching out to viciously tug at a nipple
Umm... He would, but one thought it sensible to not mention that... the self preservation is only partly gone

I thought we were still going to get the clit piercing He added
Umm... didn't realise that you were serious about that. Besides you won't permit the nipple piercings 'cos you don't want a mouthful of metal. Why there? You like oral sex
Yeah but it's not really going through your clit... it's the hood. And besides they are hot
No. No they are not! And it will mean no sex for a while
Oh I'll still be able to have sex He said smugly
Oh well so long as your sexual needs are catered for... that's all that matters
Yes, yes it is He replied

Mutters He really doesn't hear sarcasm at all L


ancilla_ksst said...

I think I'd be glad he didn't get the sarcasm, or more likely, chose to ignore it, because the alternative (here anyway) would not be too pleasant.

Master's piece said...

LOL But that whole limb conservation thing... :D

Malcolm said...

I like your posts, small slave!