Sunday, June 9, 2013


It was a day of surprises both big and small. The first major surprise was that one small slave woke up early. And they say threats don't work as a motivator. He looked equally surprised to see one waiting at the door... smirks quietly in relief.

That smirk was rather dislodged by the surprise sodomy in the shower. There one was luxuriating in hot water and peace, when a hand reached out of nowhere to grasp a cheek. It solicited a loud shriek of surprise. Mind you what followed cause a few squeaks of a different kind L

Any residual smirk was completely obliterated as we trotted out to get a pet cage. Oh it's not the cage per se that is the issue. That seemed rather fun not to mention a nice place for a snooze. No it was His reluctance to buy a foam mat for the bottom of it... something about absorbent pet mats being quite adequate for what he had in mind. Well that and His talk about getting some doweling to put through the bars to keep one in place L

The next surprise was another early birthday present. Now that was a surprise 'cos He had already bought some rather spiffy boots for the occasion, but there they were. Handed over with all due ceremony in their original store wrapping. He's such a romantic... just not a very conventional one J
 (Will post a pic later on... there are some minor camera issues at the moment)

Of course the biggest surprise was later in the night when we went over to our (it seems not quite) vanillas for pre-birthday drinks and cake. Oh the conversation while the men went out for a couple of essentials was revealing, but not a complete surprise. No it was the speed with which she managed to down the best part of two bottles of champagne. She didn't leave them so much as a celebratory drop for their return.

Having hung out with some serious drinkers in ones time all one can liken it to was watching someone inhale... quite effortless and unthinking. It was almost breath taking in its pace. Mind you when she started to walk around the table hugging us all, her partner did take her back up booze off her... quietly and discretely. It might have been her suggestion that dancing naked could be on the cards that sparked that move on his part.

It was then that we discovered that the cake she had selected was a tiramisu one rather than our hoped for chocolate. We all looked at it mournfully... well He made frantic warding signs with his fingers as the smell of coffee wafted to his nostrils... as it was passed around. And so it was decided that next year not only was she not being left in charge of pouring the drinks, but that she was not going to be left in charge of the cake selecting either.


ancilla_ksst said...

Absorbent mats rather than a comfy pillow does sound ominous to me, too.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!