Monday, June 17, 2013

No enteric coating

Rolling over in bed the back made an audible click, signalling the beginning of the end of disc issues. Oh there is pain, but nothing like it was. Though as one hobbled to the gym like a shuffling geriatric it was hard to remember that the pain was less. There was enough pain relief afterwards though to make one fractious and bored. In fact one whined to Him about the tedious nature of incapacitation.

He heartily agreed
It's the lack of sex that get to you isn't it? If there was sex you wouldn't care how incapacitated one was
Yes indeed He agreed feverently. Sex makes everything so, so, so much better
You know just occasionally one realises that you are even shallower than one suspects
Whispers you know just occasionally one does notice that pain and boredom do seem to conspire to make a person snappier that normal... or perhaps it is the lack of sex

That shallow theory did seem to play out though as one's throne was wheeled into the bedroom so He could put one to better use...
Some of you may be having fantastic ides about sex involving chairs right about now...
'Cos the reality was much more mundane...

His second series of Skylanders is almost complete. So one small slave was parked near the end of the bed, conveniently next to the portal, where one was used as a spare set of hands to put the figures on one after the other... all fifty plus of them... so He could gather bonus points that made his team stronger. Then, when He started to play in earnest, one small slave got to put on the pieces as he directed from the comfort (something of a euphemism when the disc is bulging) of the bed.

After several hours of this He turned and said they've done a really good job with this game. They've kept the bits that worked and added extra things. It's very enjoyable isn't it?
What can a girl do except say yes Master...

Whispers they grind you down in the end... always! 

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ancilla_ksst said...

Ahhh, poor Piece, used as geek accessory.