Monday, June 24, 2013

Today down the hole

Today was noteworthy for only one reason. Oddly enough it wasn't a bad day... just sort of uneventful. Oh laundry was done, the hairdresser who has been AWOL phoned to confirm a hairdressing appointment (you have no idea how hard it is to find a decent hairdresser in sunny Queensland, to be honest one was starting to despair) and we caught up with our vanillas, who are worthy of a sidebar in a minute.

The star of the day though was Him. Today He hit goal weight and has officially lost 41 kg (just over 90 pounds). He is a much healthier, leaner man than one met all those years ago. Actually He doesn't resemble that man at all. Somewhere along the way He became the one who is hard to the touch rather than one small slave. It will take some getting used to... perhaps lots of touching will help J

The diet has had some rather interesting effects on our vanillas though. He has always been a possessive, jealous type and having seen pictures of her as a young slip of a thing, one could see why he had such a name as a brawler. She is about to return to the workforce, get her driver's license and has got to her pre baby weight. And he is starting to quietly freak out... to the point of trying to sabotage their diet.

It is kind of sad to watch a couple who have been together as long as we have wander down that path 'cos she has no intention of stopping...
She likes being at home in her body and eating...
And he doesn't realise he is trying to stop her.
Unfortunately she is astute enough to realise that he is.
Sighs it will be very interesting to see how this pans out...

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