Thursday, July 11, 2013

Accessorising after the fact

As some readers here will know one small slave has a bit of a shoe problem. A problem that lends itself to an annual cull to keep the numbers down to a manageable level... with only moderate success if one is to be completely honest. Losing weight has also had an odd side effect on the shoes. Some have had to be culled because they no longer fit. Now this has made the odd friend happy beyond belief, but that is not what this is about.

Aiding the issue of having room at the inn (otherwise known as the cupboard(s)) has been the fact that the world seems to be full of ugly shoes this season. In fact one has been rather under impressed with the offerings to say the least... to the extent that no new shoes have been bought. Now you would think that this would not only make space issues a thing of the past, but be an opportunity for the wallet to rejoice.
Oh gentle readers you don't understand addictions or compulsions very well at all if you think that is the case.

See addictions are rather like Whac-A-Mole. For those not familiar with the game the idea is to hit the "mole" as it pops its head up out of the hole. Addictions are like that because you no sooner hit one on the head than another pops up to take its place. Which brings us to that weight loss thing because it has allowed the boot to reign supreme this season... nods addictions are nasty things

All that weight has come off everything but in particular the leg which has allowed one the pick of almost any boot... a hitherto unknown freedom having always been rather generous in that area... years of ballet, cycling, hiking, weights... you get the idea.
It has been ugly...
To the tune of about six pairs... so far... the boot sales haven't really begun yet...
And they take up more room than shoes

In fact the latest pair won't even fit in the cupboard due to their length.
They have taken up temporary residence on the couch.
Um... this is a cry for help...
Nestled in amongst the drooling J

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ancilla_ksst said...

Sorry, can't help, too busy drooling over your boot.