Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Petty frustrations

Today was a strange day that started with promising sunshine and ended with bitter cold. It was also a day spent doing domestic stuff... mainly putting away discarded outfits from yesterday. Honestly one is starting to suspect we have an evil sprite that lives here, who comes out when our backs are turned to spread crap around. It's the only thing that accounts for the amount of clothes and correspondence that ends up littering every flat surface of this place in a matter of hours.

Life was much easier when we had limited wardrobes. Mind you the clothes seemed to go on easier too. Clothes were selected and pulled on... no muss, no fuss. Now everything we own has to be wriggled and squirmed into and then discarded when we don't like the combination that we chose.  Mutter, mutter, grumble, grumble...

Mind you on a completely unrelated note we did manage to squeeze in some awesome anal sex. We were trying out some new lube we picked up on the trip home yesterday. Wet Stuff, which traditionally makes water based lubes, has brought out a silicone lube. Now it is nowhere as good as the Pjur Backdoor... much thinner and runnier... but they do produce it in an economy sized litre pump bottle. And unlike a lot of the other silicone lubes it comes in under a $100 for that size.
Honestly it's not bad... doesn't dry out, good for anal sex... but it is more inclined to spread around being thinner. To be honest it wouldn't be a preference for large toys, but yeah... not bad at all for sex with another person J

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ancilla_ksst said...

"squeeze in some awesome anal sex"

I like your phrasing there. Very apt.
So far, my favorite lube has been the Liquid Silk. I think it is $10 for a small bottle.