Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rabbit tales

Did the blog post make you smile one enquired hopefully
Yes it did
Still it is a shame that you win. As a person one is fundamentally opposed to making you so happy
Ah now you see that is where you go wrong. Your ego...
And then the lecture went on for some time as He waxed lyrical about one's fundamental failure to allow the ego to be superseded by that desire to please him.

To be honest one was just back from the gym and had consumed an elicit apple... all that sugar was combining with the endorphins to give one a very pleasant buzz. Listening to His voice rise and fall in a slightly hypnotic cadence one did feel somewhat like a pupil at the feet of a guru. In fact one did ask if He could repeat all of that with an accent.
Bad, bad slave... hangs head in shame


ancilla_ksst said...

Oh you are a one, aren't you? Did he do it again with an accent? What kind of accent? I kind of like Scottish, cause when he does German my Master is scarier.

Master's piece said...

LOL Well one was hoping for something... guruish. He refused to comply sighs mournfully