Sunday, July 21, 2013

Confronting images

I bought you a present He said by way of greeting.
He had that smirk on the whiskers that always makes one small slave wary. Did you? Is it the kind of present that is good or the kind that isn't?
Oh I think it's very good He replied evasively.

There was a silence during which one of us raised an enquiring eyebrow
It's a very sexy bikini He said, by way of reply to the unspoken question
Sighing and is it a ringed, tie bikini in leopard print one asked, knowing where His tastes lie... rather firmly in Playboy circa 1970.
No! Well it does tie He added, still smirking.

With a sinking heart one followed Him to the study to see what little horror was about to enter one's life. On the screen was a very sexy bikini. A very small, sexy bikini. Not quite itty bitty small, but its close cousin once removed.
Um... you do know that one is nearing half a century and that there is a point that women should stop wearing such things.
No I don't He replied. I know that women reach a point of censoring themselves and other women. Don't stop being a *damned whore by becoming one of God's police.

Sighs it's just so... small :(

*Damned whores and God's police

  • Ideology of sexism in Australia, the nexus of oppression, sexist stereotypes past and present. Google Books

    ancilla_ksst said...

    Interesting book. I looked at some excerpts. I had never before considered the history of women in Australia.

    Master's piece said...

    It is considered a seminal feminist text and fascinating reading. It goes on to consider how women enforce societal norms in Australia... often in a non supportive and very judgmental way :/

    ancilla_ksst said...

    I'd like to say I'd try to read it, but I'm not sure reading a feminist work would do me much good.

    Master's piece said...

    LOL oh this is old school feminism when women were still of the opinion that the rights to choose included all options. And it is largely about how women suppress other women in society. It's hardly subversive reading :D

    ancilla_ksst said...

    Naw, I'll just go find some women to oppress instead. :)