Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wrong, so wrong

Curled up in bed finally, after what felt like the longest day on earth at work, one small slave heaved a sigh of relief. One shift of four was completed, although dying death wasn't completely imminent and He was feeding the hell beast others would know as Ms Kitty. All might not be right in the world, but one was safely tucked up in bed and contemplating sleep. What could possibly go wrong?

What went wrong was He opened the door to espy parcels on the door step from our local postie. Now to be honest one has mixed feelings about that man. Historically  he has delivered some nasty arsed things in his time. In fact he is rather like Santa... the one that gives out both good and bad shit, unlike the benign one of Coke's creation.

Anyway this time he managed to do both in one visit. There was a soft, stretchy black dress that will be perfect for nipping out grocery shopping and visiting our vanillas and one that He chose. Now to be honest one hesitates to call it a dress. It looks more like a collection of strings held together with vertical elastic bands.
His taste in stripper apparel knows no bounds L
Wonders idly if it is possible to take out an order of protection against someone's clothing choices...


Sarah said...

What? No pics???

Master's piece said...

Well maybe... if only so you can see what elastic can do. Kid you not the damn thing is the size of a top and it stretches into a dress (using that word in its broadest application) :(

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