Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Found Under Carnal Knowledge

Today was one of those days... the not brilliant kind. Firstly the sore throat has expanded to include a runny nose, watery eyes and that lovely barking cough one has become so intimately acquainted with over the years.  The new glasses that we picked up today don't seem to be sitting quite right, but it is impossible to tell if that is an adjustment issue or if it is because the nose is so swollen and tender due to the above. Then we went to the doctors to pick up a script for the cholesterol medication and had a breast examination. The doctor found a small lump in the right breast.

Before you start to get worried some breasts are more prone to fatty lumps than others and they have been found in the past. Meanwhile all one has to do is get through this week and there will be two glorious weeks of holidays. Holidays, that at this stage, are set to be filled with new medication, optometrist visits, radiography and possibly a mammogram.
And we were wondering how we were going to fill up this time...
Strangely our vision included more anal...
Rather than being royally screwed by the body K

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