Friday, July 26, 2013

Acquiescence would be easier

There is a fabulously entertaining thread going on Fet at the moment about the word no. It has given one more than a few hours of quiet giggles. And how could it not? It has stretched across the gamut of everyone has limits to kittehs being amputated.

Sitting here reading it, as one is informed vicariously (just not allowed to enter these sorts of debates and it seems like such a shame... they look like fun) yet again that one's life with Him is a figment of the imagination, one wonders once again at how we are doing it all wrong. You see one is allowed to say no. It just doesn't mean what others seem to think it means.

Around here the word no is almost like a barometer for how much He wants to do something. The more one says it, the more He becomes interested. You know thinking about it the word no is like running from a predator. It just makes them more curious. Perhaps one should just say yes Master.
Sighs either way He wins... it hardly seems fair L


ancilla_ksst said...

Love that- no is a key to making him more interested, huh? I can sorta see that. It's not exactly how it works here, except for sometimes. Don't know if you have those sorts of conversations:
Him: Beg me to stop
Me: Please stop
Him: Tell me no
Me: No Master NO please stop
Him: hahahahahaha

See, most of the time I'm too obedient to even do rape play properly.

Master's piece said...

LOL... not an easy thing while eating porridge :D

Anonymous said...

You have this elegant ironic way of writing about your life and how I recognize this.

thank you again for this lovely post

Vixen B-Ab said...