Monday, July 22, 2013

This is a PSA

Today was supposed to be a simple run to the optometrist with a side bar to pick up some smaller bras. Of course it was several hours later before we made it home, but that is not what this is about. This is about the optometrist. See we have had a very long term relationship.

We first met shortly after one's arrival in this country and he has out lived three partners in that time. The man always had the best glass frames and not only was he a generous soul, always making sure one had back up contacts... mainly because he knows how many frames have been bent out of shape during sex... long sordid stories in their own right... but an honest one too. Oddly enough we even share the same first name.

It has been a long happy time during which he has got married, got his bike licence... with lessons provided by a large burly biker on his Harley. That must have presented the neighbourhood with a sight in its own right as they rode off down the street... one burly biker and one optometrist on his moped. And of course they had a couple of children as people are want to do. They have a nice middle class life that they both work hard for and have been blissfully happy for what must be going on for twenty years.

That blissful state changed this year when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was lucky; they caught it almost immediately... ironically because she was late for an annual screening and it had grown in that month's time. Her prognosis is very good.
So he is on a mission to make women aware that they should be screened at regular intervals... particularly if they are over the age of 40

And one small slave thought it was a good idea to pass that message on... mainly because one is on the worst offender list having not had a breast check for going on 15 years...

Get your breasts checked. It could save your life.
If you are a mature woman get them checked annually. It could save your life. 


Storm said...

You will, I hope, be taking your own advice...?

Master's piece said...

Oh hell yeah... it's way overdue :(