Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Women all hit this point of invisibility at some time or age. Oh men probably do to... why else would you have sports cars in countries that simply don't have the roads to support them. For women though, who rely more heavily on external feedback, it is more... noticeable, odd, dire? Anyway, you do. You wake up one day and realise that all that attention you took for granted has gone. Oh if you are lucky you still see it in your partner's eyes, but other than that all those little graces (like service in stores when you are looking around) dry up.

Well one is here to say that being shoved in a mini brings all that attention back. It comes back in an uncomfortable flood of appraising looks, head turns and help. Honestly in all the years one has been going to yea local music/electronics store one has been studiously ignored... probably for fear that one would want to know where something really uncool (like Neal Diamond CDs) were.
You know at the risk of sounding whiney one was happy with that invisibility...
It was far better than walking around feeling naked and exposed.
He was not of that opinion


Yearning Letgo said...

I think the skirt needs to be a little shorter!

*runs and hides*

aim mia said...

You look great. With a body like that, you need to show it off, and inspire the rest of us.

Master's piece said...

What a kind thing to say :) No, not you Yearning... you have been put on the bus tosser list :P

Sadist's magick said...

Oh my word - you look amazing!