Monday, July 29, 2013

Plague house

People often wonder what happens when a slave is sick, but really the interesting question is what happens when you are both sick... at the same time. It is then that the relationship pecking order is revealed.
See there we were, both on the couch under our respective blankets dying of some unknown malady, when He asked will you get me a Pepsi. Now that was framed as a question... there was a definite lift to the last word that everyone knows signals a question...

Um... really rather not and you are closer. Now you would think that unassailable logic like that would win under the circumstances. Besides for one small and very sick slave to get there involved getting up and scrambling over Him. It is something that often requires more energy that the simple nature of the act would imply. It's all that dodging of the grabby hands one suspects, not to mention His legs which often seem to get in the way.

He smirked and then his hand reached up inside of the PJs and a finger was run along the side of the shin bone. Not sure about you people, but frankly it is a sensation that produces a disproportionate amount of pain and annoyance. Then the hand slid inside the bootie that was warming the foot and traced along the arch of the foot. Back and forth it ran like a nail on chalk board until one could stand it no longer. Snarling in defeat one flung off the covers and went to get HIm his damned Pepsi with all the surly grace that could be mustered.

The entire process took less than half a minute.
Master 1
Slave 0


Angel Blue said...

Hope you both get to feeling better soon.

Fondles said...

get better soon! and why are you drinking Pepsi if you're ill? that's NOT going to be helpful imho.

Master's piece said...

Thank you both. Oh and He is drinking the Max. One of us is being good and drinking lots of water. You wait, He will bounce back as good as new while one moves to death's door :(