Friday, July 12, 2013


You know, I think I see the appeal of kitten play He announced, from the confines of the study.
Fearing the worst one scuttled to His side. As a person who still only has a hazy grasp of the appeal of pet play, living with a person who has never expressed an interest in it at all, one could only assume the worst. There He was roaming around this fabulous site. And some of it is fabulous, in fact one was most enamoured with an electric purple and gold ocelot fur.
Oh they do a nice rabbit He said
Wanted electric purple ocelot one said, in the best petulant five year olds voice ever. There might have even been a foot stamp thrown in for good measure...

You watch there will be no sexy, voracious predator costume. Steam punk bunny will end up arriving. Why? Well 'cos He is M.A.S.T.E.R. L


Neale Wolfson said...

OK, I have to comment here, Just a quiet reader who can't even remember how he ended up watching you, BUT a old time furry...

Benifit 1)
The tail. It's mainly about the tail... Unlink myself who's old tail attaches to my belt I would imagine yours being 'inserted' somewhere more provocative, with the benifit of how easy it is for him then to tug and squirm and make that just move within you with all sorts of squeals.

2) The idea of acting like a cat or similar, can you imagine yourself, in front of a fire, on a nice rug somewhere just rubbing yourself on it arching etc, on show for him?

3) Well and last I can almost imagine the order to only make sweet cute mewling noises... but well I'm a pervert.

Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

I have to comment on Neale's comment - there is something about the tail. I don't fully understand it (nothing new there - I don't understand most of this stuff), but H is ENAMORED with tails.

The rest of it? I am going to watch you with bated breath and hope to hear more.

Master's piece said...

Yeah kinda with you guys on the tail thing. A long slinky purple ocelot one would be sexy. Mutters the bloody flopsy bunny tail won't be... no offense intended to those who identify as rabbits, but yeah. Predator=sexy bunny... not so much. Bunny with flopsy ears even less so
But wasn't there some fabulous gear on there... even the padlocks were gorgeous :)

ancilla_ksst said...

The best I can do with pet play is say yeah, that fetish doesn't exactly grab me, and I'm sure other people don't get the stuff that I like sometimes either.

Although- I did see the prettiest "pony" this weekend that made me at least consider it.

The funny thing is, I LOVE being on a leash and dog collar. I love sitting by his feet and resting my chin on his knee, and being petted, the same as a dog would. But I don't FEEL dog like or puppyish when I do those things. I don't feel like dressing up like one either. I suppose if it were Master's thing I would do it anyway, but it's not.