Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Waking Him up from a nap... which is code for insufficient sleep so that we could go out... one snuggled up against him murmuring love you
So why aren't you riding up and down on my dick He retorted
Well don't love you like that! It's more...
Insufficient He suggested

You know it is a good thing that the ego is powder coated against you particular brand of charm. Another might end up completely ground down
That's not powder coating He answered pithily. It's dried cum
Sighs just sometimes one does wish that He would leave the illusions intact


lil said...

LOL. I love your blog.

Powder coating, dried cum, either way it's a barrier right?
though...Dried cum can only be left on for so long...

lil said...

your blog ate my comment.
that's the last time I come around giving compliments!

huffs off*

Master's piece said...

There we are "huffy"... all fixed :D

ancilla_ksst said...

More dried cum for all! Wait, what were we talking about??