Monday, January 10, 2011

Sex therapy

Well it is pouring... again. At the moment we make a fabulous couple, for once our feelings of depression have synced up. Normally He goes walking in the early morning. The light at that time emits a particular frequency that seems to offset SADs, not to mention He gets an inordinate amount of pleasure out of dragging one out of bed at 5am to go “walkies”. Needless to say that route is out of the question at the moment... see every cloud does have a silver lining J

Personally one rarely has depressive episodes, but then one spends an immoderate amount of time chasing an endorphin high through exercise... so not too surprising. What has happened this time is that the complete lack of light (how the hell do you people across the pond cope with a state of perpetual grey without killing yourselves?), getting over that whole illness thing and dwelling on the past has combined with the body pretending it is having a period. Every once in a while, despite having a hysterectomy (they left the ovaries), the body likes to have the period experience.

You bloat and the breasts get painfully bigger; all of which can be controlled by exercise (it is hard to have fluid retention when drinking 4 litres of water on days when exercising) and you eat. More specifically you eat carbohydrates. Preferably drenched and slathered in high fat content NZ butter. Hell even a potato chip will do... but only the nice ones by Red Rock.

To combat this we have started to embark on an unusual cure. The findings of a study done quite some time ago, suggests that sperm acts as an antidepressant in women. Now for Him sex does seem to help with the depression because He becomes hypersexual, which is probably hell in a normal relationship. Not too many women want to be intimate with a partner that is withdrawn, but still wants sex... though why is beyond one. It seems a win, win; great sex and they don’t want to chat to you afterwards... sighs did one just fail girl 101 again?

So if you will excuse one small slave, she is about to embark on a day of sex. Lots and lots of sex because the short course last night produced very promising results... and like all good scientists we need to see if the results are able to be replicated.

And tomorrow one goes back to the gym... we need to find out exactly how much oxygen is needed to exercise.

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Arianthe said...

Lol, MP. Epic fail!

Ms D