Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Aches and pains

Yesterday and today one made it back to the gym. To do mind numbing things like walkies on the treadmill. Honestly one watches the people striding along, often for what seems like hours at a time and there one is... 10 minutes... check clock... oh yaaay, 10 minutes and 26 seconds. It doesn't get any better, however far into the torturous half hour one gets. Now why is one small slave self torturing like this you may be asking.... ah well that is a sad story.

As some of you know one spends a reasonable amount of time in the gym offsetting the side effects of PCOS. Now when you have that, to date the most effective weapons are a high protein diet with moderate carbs and exercise. Weight training is excellent as it doesn't upset the hormonal balance (what little there is) in the body, and fat burning exercise over heavy cardio training... in other words walking over running. The small complication is the weights need to be high rep work because the increased male hormones in the body mean that one can bulk up like a small gorilla, which is not the aim.

Unfortunately the high rep work means that in the course of a week one is lifting almost as much as some of the big boys. And the body decided to stage a small rebellion by developing tendonitis in the elbows and right wrist. Those little puppies lose flexibility as you age like everything else. Now normally you will start to get twinges before this and if you are smart you stop, change programs and do something else so it doesn't get to this stage. Of course with a high pain threshold the body didn't do that. Oh no, it went straight to can't lift the bloody cast iron frypan, let alone a weight in one smooth movement.

So here one is plodding away on a treadmill seething with boredom, with no endorphin rush to smooth things over at all. This is probably how most people feel when they have to go to the gym... a profound sense of dragging your arse there and hating every fucking minute of it. Even a bit of leg and ab work didn't help. Sighs you know one is starting to get glimmerings of why He always looks at one with a particular sense of loathing, as one scratches at the door to get going on gym mornings L


Malcolm said...

I don't know if your circumstances allow it, but ... why not walk TO somewhere? I do this every day, walk into the town and round the shops and market, to do the necessary daily shopping. I guess I walk about a mile every day,perhaps more. I would never use a treadmill - unless I was under house arrest!

Master's piece said...

Oh we often go for walks, it is lovely around here. The thing is though from a pure exercise point of view, there is no way to do the leg and ab work and it is not worth going to the gym for a 20 minute workout. Also a modern exercise machines are more efficient at making you burn fat than standard methods such as walking or cycling. Lastly the times one normally hits/ leaves a gym are not exactly good times for a woman to be strolling round this area. It might be lovely to look at, but it is hardly safe.