Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A day at the beach

Once again the plan was to go walkies... we both looked at each other and the weather and went meh. So clutching morning mouse one scampered back to bed with only moderate amounts of guilt. Remerging a much better person... read caffeinated to within normal parameters... one noticed that the sun was shining and the idea of breakfast was appealing. Seeing as we had to go grocery shopping anyway, we decided to park at one of the beaches, go for a walk to breakfast and then go back to pick up the car before heading off to the hell that is grocery shopping.

There were other plans of course... which we really shouldn't do because the universe always conspires against them... but we will return to those much later.

So off we set and the second thing that you come to on this route is a perennial favourite. If only because sometimes nature conspires to have a warped sense of humour. The building in the distance is the Redcliffe Surf Life Saving Clubhouse. Now as you can see from the pictures there is only one thing missing at this spot... that's right surf. See according to the maps we should have corking surf here... if it weren't for the small matter of Moreton Island just off the coast. What we have is... well it's more like a mill pond and one has always wondered what happens to those guys when they go to surf meets. Where are you from? Red...cough, cough. Oh! Followed by a keen look of sympathy. It's not that they don't save lives... where there is water there is always some dick looking to drown... but surf is pushing the boundaries a little as a descriptive term.

From there you wander past another couple of interesting features. One is this fabulous natural amphitheatre that was utilised to create a wonderful backdrop to a stage. Being flat they also multipurposed the area as a basket ball court. Culture meets sport... guess which one won that round? To our knowledge the stage hasn't been utilised in the last 20 years which is a shame. He of course thinks it would make a fabulous backdrop for a bondage shoot... good luck with that one. 

Then you wander round to the Lagoon. Which is a natural thing to build when you don't have a surf beach.  In summer this place is packed morning, noon and night. Unlike the beach which most of us only walk along... humans are perverse creatures at best.

In fact the only things that seems to make use of the natural wonders of this place are these cheeky little sods...

After stuffing ourselves with some very tasty omelettes we wandered back to the car. As we drove past the shopping centre one spied the little friend and realised it was Tuesday, and we were supposed to meet up for a standing coffee date. Launching out of the car, one ran back to see her and apologised profusely. Then she got a call from spiffy glasses girl and we wandered off to meet up in the coffee shop, where one caught up with the couple who run the landscaping yard where one worked. Finding Him wandering around in the supermarket we all congregated for coffee and found that spiffy had left her gym gear on the bus... accidently she swears.

We decided to visit Venus at her fabulous shop where we spent a fun time shoving one small slave into outrageous costumes of peacock feathers and beads, trying on corsets and playing with electricity. 'Cos the universe hates one small slave... so of course He managed to find something small and zappy. Do you want to know the difference between some people...

One small slave is holding the implement of torture... He turns it up... one small slave lets go muttering obscenities and numb to the elbow. Spiffy glasses girl holds it... He turns it up... she is holding on... going a delicate shade of flushed... and screaming bring it. Personally one thinks that toy will be smuggled to work and  given a new home... 

By the time people had been loaded into buses for their return trip home, the grocery shopping had been done and we were back home with it unpacked we were knackered. Instead of the afternoon of bondage and sexual torture we settled for an extremely good roast lamb dinner and a movie. People wonder how you keep real life from encroaching into your O/p M/s life? You don't. Sometime though the twists and turns are just as much fun and sometimes you meet people who really get your kinks... sick and twisted though they may be J

Just wanted to add for the less geeky... if you click on a picture you will get the full sized version

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