Thursday, May 26, 2011

Keeping score

Always one to keep things fresh in the relationship, He decided to combine the flogging with the fucking today. For the record He is much more careful with that damn thing when his body parts are involved.
Even though He did cum, one rather thinks the flogger won that round.
Shortly afterwards we were curled up masturbating together while He explored how sore the nipples were after yesterday. Not sore enough to prevent one from coming it seemed. Though He said no when one asked for permission.
Think He won that round.
He decided that it would be more fun to hoist ones legs around his shoulders so he could get a better angle for entry. Unfortunately while being fucked in that position, the hip decided to register a scream of protest at that kind of handling. To be honest one has no idea, and care even less, if He came... Yeah, yeah, bad slave...
Do know the hip won that round.
Then one had to hobble off for a shower before going to work...
Bringing the grand total for the morning to... slave... none.
This inequality stuff sucks L

Blogger is SNAFU... still


writingwithellie said...

New reader! Loved this one!


thesubmissivebf said...

I see all your followers are missing, just like mine. Where did all the pictures go, lol?
Enjoyed your posting.

Master's piece said...

Thank you both... good to know there is life out there. Meh Blogger likes to keep you on your toes with a raft of issues. It's like a really needy girlfriend that is great in the sack. On one hand the sex is awesome... on the other hand she wants to talk to you afterwards :(