Tuesday, May 3, 2011


In this country it is very hard to find stay up stocking that don't assume that you have the thigh of an anorexic teenager. There used to be a great company called Schiaparelli, but of course as all things great they were bought out by another company. Sara Lee, of all people. They went the way of the dodo toot sweet. Ambra came along and finally there we were in stocking nirvana. Until the last few batches.

The bastards have changed the tops, that or they all shrunk at the factory. And although it could be put down to the weights, the bottom line is that the thighs have actually got a bit smaller. A fact borne out by how high they are now sitting on the leg as evidenced in this photo.

What is it with these companies? The fact is that nothing feels sexier than a stocking, and one would put money on some of those wearers being more mature. And guess what? As we get more mature we lose the thighs of an anorexic teenager. Stockings that roll because they are to small at the top do not make a woman feel sexy, and they will not stay up despite the endeavours of the best garter belt in the world (which kinda defeats the purpose of a stay up anyway).

The thing is we might be losing our thighs, but you stocking companies are losing your customers.

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