Thursday, May 5, 2011

A fine line

Greeting Him kneeling at the door, partially naked due to the encroaching winter, did not elicit the usual gleam his eyes. What are those He asked, pointing to the pyjama bottoms. Um protection against the cold one replied hopefully. They need to be gone. But it's freezing, and they were allowed last year. Well not this one, was the unsympathetic reply. Why do people always have to mess with systems that work just fine? Oh right because they can L

Later stripping again before the box one pointed hopefully at the socks. He smiled and shook his head in a negative motion. Reluctantly one took them off and knelt waiting for the flogger. Think we will try one of the others He said in a jovial tone. Any sense of relief one was feeling quickly fled as He started his warm up shots on an exposed cunt. Gods one just hates being hit there, even playfully.

That course of IPL hair removal He had done was the most horrible thing ever. Every freaking month one was escorted to a cubicle to be hurt by a professional. The bitches lied... it didn't get any better with repeated treatments. Mind you one did discover that the families lack of baldness extends to that area as well. As a family we are not particularly hairy... we just like to keep what we have. Oh the hair fell out... it just grew back, without missing a beat. Speaking of which...

When finished, with one extra thrown in for good measure... it was the socks wasn't it?.... He grabbed one firmly and worked his way up to his balls in one's arse. Fortunately there was still lube in place from the butt plug. Which was just as well because just as we can never remember to put tissues in a convenient location, the same issue seems to occur with the lube.  Honestly after the sock incident one figured one's chances of saying just a minute and scampering to get the stuff was... well... not good.

Later after a good breakfast, we repaired to the bedroom for a little put Master to sleep sex. He was most gracious and allowed one to cum. And as one lay there writhing in ecstasy one made the critical error of curling up. It was at that moment that the stomach muscles, that had a little workout yesterday, announced their annoyance by erupting into screaming pain. Which kinda killed the buzz 'cos some pain is not sexy or sexual.

Realising that the endorphins had hit an all time low He decided to make a move. Turning one over onto the knees, He grabbed one firmly by the collar and drove back into one's arse. No lube, no endorphins, no getting out of the foetal position... it hurt. When one informed him of this later, after He had cum and one had thanked him politely, He smiled. As one pointed out tartly it was such an inappropriate response, and made one less inclined to reduce his sadistic tendencies rating. He laughed out loud. Sighs you know sometimes one suspects He is starting to enjoy this way too much.

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