Monday, May 23, 2011

Smoke and shattered mirrors

We have been together 14 years... or thereabouts... one of us keeps a better track of these things than the other one will ever be able to do. Like all couples we have a relationship language, a short hand that enables us to communicate complex ideas and emotions. What few we have... like most INTJ's we are a little short on the emotional stuff at times... well according to others at any rate. In our case sex is our means of communication. And while some consider that inadequate, for us it works just fine.

Except when we aren't having it. Then everything goes tits up. Fast... usually in under two days. Why? Well we get reduced to words and being INTJ we can use words the way others do stones. We don't mean to. It's just that without the sex to act as a buffer to our more abrasive characteristics... let's just say that it is brutal. And of course being solutions focused we are inclined to top it all off with a handy how to do it better guide for next time. Which doesn't help for the record.

So we are in our respective corners licking our wounds for the moment. No doubt we will get back to licking each other's tomorrow and all will be right in our world. See the advantage of 14 years is you have no doubt that there will be a tomorrow. Besides we know that if we were with anyone else they would kill us in our sleep J

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littlemonkey said...

From an ENFP standpoint, to much emotion is highly over-rated. I even get tired of myself. I wouldn't have the opportunity to kill you in your would likely put me out of your misery after our second conversation. Although I go a bit nuts as well if W & I aren't having sex more frequently than every two or three days.

Sounds as if you two are perfect for each other.