Saturday, May 28, 2011

Extensions of fidelity

A reply one wrote for the group on Fet engendered the rather odd remark that He has limited one as a person. While it was probably not the persons aim to come across quite that literally... hey giving them the benefit of the doubt here... it did spark a couple of thoughts.

When you look at that time He has been in charge, one would have to say that He has done a good job. Rather than limiting one He has made one expand, grow and embrace a better version of oneself. Gods know that left to one's own devices one would have settled into a comfortable middle age by now. And probably been quite miserable and discontent with one's self in the process might one add. Truthfully shoving someone in front of a camera soon makes them more inclined to scamper back to the gym, the hairdresser and reconsider the wardrobe J

He stops one settling and stagnating and he continually makes one confront the inner demons and re-evaluate them. Besides He is sharp enough mentally to make sure one scrambles to catch up. It stops complacency and there is a lot of evidence that the brain, like so many other parts of the body, will atrophy if not exercised and challenged. While He can't stop the aging process he sure has managed to slow it down.

Except for that damned hip... No amount of stretching seems to help this winter L

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