Sunday, May 29, 2011

Picture this

Traveling home on the bus one small slave flicked open the phone to see that He had joined a new group on Fet. Immediately the little hairs on the body became erect.  Then one saw that He had made a comment... something He rarely does... and the arse clenched automatically. Anyone who has ever experienced an emotional response probably recognises those signs. Fear... plain and simple.

The cause of this response you may be asking yourself? There He is calmly discussing the possibilities of electrifying an Njoy. With people on the friends list that are now under review. Why? Well they are not acting in one's best interest nor are they exhibiting any of that loyalty stuff. For that matter neither is He.

See He is supposed to act in one's best interest and not do things that destroy whatever remaining vestiges of trust one has. It says so, constantly and repetitiously, on any forum on Fet. And some of those people have cred in their communities. Nods so it must be twoo.

And for the record:
Helping one get over a near pathological fear of zappy shit is not in one's best interest.
Offers of bags, brown or otherwise, do not mitigate your helping Him.
A Tens Machine is not necessary to ease sore muscles nor does one wish to go shopping for one tomorrow or any other day.

So to all you helpful bitches... just don't help. Don't want it. Don't need it. More importantly will not forgive it... and one has a very loooong memory. 


littlemonkey said...

I read that.

Please note I did not join the above mentioned group (nods smugly)(I will admit to a snicker or two while reading). Besides, isn't the Master of kaya eminently qualified to conduct experiments of this kind? It would be much easier on L&L's checkbook if he waited until the initial experimentation phase was over before purchasing pricey equipment (perhaps buying you precious time to find a distraction for him, or an escape route for yourself?)

kaya said...

All I have to say is paybacks can be... shocking. Heh.

Oh. And. -kicks the monkey-

Master's piece said...

-Kisses the smart littlemonkey on the top of her head, while thinking very seriously about kaya.-